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The core competence of Mederi Pharma is to be found in marketing and promotion of pharmaceuticals in the Nordic region. Our job is to prolong the life of mature pharmaceuticals for our partners through inexpensive promotion.

We try to rethink the basics behind the pharmaceutical sales force in order to make it more adaptable to changes in the market. More reps on the road are not necessary good business, and our main mission is to develop and use new ways of communicating with physicians. Physicians are pressed for time and not that interested in repeated visits, and especially when it comes to mature products. Further to this, reps are a very expensive and non-environmental friendly way of communicating with our customers. However we acknowledge that they can be effective for some groups or individuals, and we do use personal visits, and therefore reps, but all these activities are based on a commission based principle, and we see visits as a last resort to meet our targets.

We focus on online communication with the physicians through live IDs, webinars, direct mailing or targeted online ads. This has been proven effective in several studies and is a far cheaper, and less invasive, way of communicating with physicians regarding mature products. We focus on the branding of the product, and this is best accomplished through repetition, so inexpensive ways of communicating is essential for our success in reaching targets for our partner products.

We base all of our partner contracts on no cure - no pay. That's why a partner contract with Mederi Pharma is a risk free - success based collaboration, and we only get paid if you add incremental value to your product.


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