Pushing the product life cycle
for mature products
Adding incremental value
to your mature products

Welcome to Mederi Pharma
we prolong the life of your products!

Mederi Pharma is a pharmaceutical marketing company primarily focused on marketing of mature pharmaceutical products on behalf of 3. Party companies in the Nordic countries. We promote a range of mature pharmaceuticals directly to GPs, specialists and hospitals through:
  • eCommunication with live IDs
  • Direct mails and samples
  • Webinars and scientific brochures
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Online ads & banners
  • Selected visits to GPs and specialists
Our goal is to prolong the lifecycle of well-established, mature pharmaceuticals through inexpensive promotion on a no cure - no pay basis. That's why a partner contract with Mederi Pharma is a risk free - success based collaboration, and we only get paid if you add incremental value to your product.